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Kelowna Busker LP

This is a collection of songs I wrote while busking along the shores of Okanagan Lake, in Kelowna, BC, Canada. It's available exclusively here, only on my website. I spent nearly a year living out a van and busking in Kelowna, and it was the most magical year of my life to date. I first fell in love with the community and then the beauty of the area itself. I'm continuously humbled by the amount of talent that is inexplicably attracted to this valley. It was a pleasure to be able to capture those memories using local talent in a local studio. I had a motto during that period of my life. It was, "We can build the community we want." I still believe it.  


This is the second collection in the genre-bending collaboration "That Awful Rhythm" series. These songs were written and recorded in Kelowna BC, with Dan Harden at the Record Room Studio. These songs are more experimental in nature and allowed me to test the waters of hyper-pop, alternative hip-hop, emo, and pop-rock. I'm very proud of these tracks and the features I was able to work with on them. 

As Long As You Abide and Obey EP

This is the first collection I recorded as "That Awful Rhythm". The idea was to create a collection of collaborations. I worked with all the quality musicians that would work with me at the time and ended up making a genre-blurring EP. I'm quite happy with songs like, "An Anthem for the Drying West" and "American Marriage", whilst a bit embarrassed by a song like "The Beast That Greed Controlled". All in all, it's a great freshman effort. I hope you enjoy and appreciate it for what it is.

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